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Title Description Author
Xmenu A .elf launcher with customizable backgrounds. Created legally using LibXenon. cpasjuste
ZLX Browser A nice-looking filemanager based on the ZLX Library. Ced2911
XMPlayer A media player ported to the xbox 360 using LibXenon. Ced2911



Title Description Author
Pong The game of the year : PONG! Ski-ller
Tanks 360 A game with shooting tanks JQE
SDLQuake The famous FPS Quake, built via SDL Ski-ller



Title Description Author
Mupen64-360 Mupen64-360 is a Nintendo64 emulator for the Xbox 360, it's powered by libxenon and it's a port of Wii64 (which itself was a port of Mupen64). GliGli
PCSXR-Xenon Pcsxr-xenon is a sony playstation 1 emulator using libxenon, based on lastest PCSX-Reloaded source code available. Ced2911
Sega Genesis Plus GX Sega Genesis Plus GX is a freeware, open-source, portable emulator for the Genesis and MegaDrive consoles. Ced2911
Sega Master System Plus Sega Master Plus is a freeware, open-source, portable emulator for the Sega Master System and Game Gear consoles. Ced2911
Snes9x-Gx The first SNES emulator to run natively on the xbox 360 created using LibXenon. tmbinc


Homebrew Loaders

Title Description Author
XeLL The original Xenon Linux Loader. Doesn't work on Reset Glitch Hack consoles. tmbinc
XeLLous Xenon Linux Loader modification by Redline99. Doesn't work on Reset Glitch Hack consoles. Redline99
XeLL Reloaded Xenon Linux Loader RELOADED. Consists of 2 stages, works on both, JTAG and Reset Glitch Hack consoles. VA

System tools

System Tools

Title Description Author
Lflash A NAND Flasher for xbox360, currently only working with 16MB NAND. For use with Linux. tmbinc
Dumpana Tool for dumping ANA (Graphic Scaler Chip) registers. For use with Linux. tmbinc
Rawflash A tool for flashing rawimages (already properly remapped) to NAND, directly via LibXenon application. cOz

PC utilities

PC Utilities

Title Description Author
NandCompare Check/verify your Xbox 360 NAND dumps and potentially even repair them if you have at least 3 'bad' dumps. Rab
NANDPro Read/write NAND dumps and repair the spare bytes / ECC sections. It can also flash CPLDs or log POST-Codes. Tiros
360FlashTool Display, Decrypt and extract various parts of an Xbox NAND dump. Redline99, robinsod, TeamModfreakz

Unix distributions

Live CDs

Title Description Author
LiveCD Linux Live-CDs cpasjuste,stonersmurf

Install Scripts

Title Description Author
Ubuntu 7.10 Linux Deboostrap-script for Ubuntu 7.10 "Gutsy" stonersmurf
Ubuntu 11.10 Linux Deboostrap-script for Ubuntu 11.10 "Oneiric" stonersmurf
Debian 4 Linux Deboostrap-script for Debian 4 "etch" stonersmurf
Debian 5 Linux Deboostrap-script for Debian 5 "lenny" stonersmurf
Debian 6 Linux Deboostrap-script for Debian 6 "squeeze" stonersmurf