Pre-release differences

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Extra unnamed header used for TITAN board, near ROL board connector.


Some board used for CPU debugging (?)
Has DIP switches which have unknown functions
LED lights for indicating something
DIP switches are set to 4 down, 3 up, 2 down, 1 down (from a china xedk), although this can be random.



CPU key and 1BL key set to 00...00 (16 bytes of 00's)


1640 seems to include some strings to do with xshell "\Device\Harddisk0\Partition1\dashboard.xbx", "\Device\Harddisk0\Partition1\xshell.xex", 1746 doesn't have a single mention
Bootloader names are different, instead of SB/SC/SD/SE/SF/SG it's S2/S3/S4/S5/S6/S7
Kernel seems to have version field blanked out in the SE section, and different magic bytes on decompression.
ECC data is different:

  • 2 bytes to indicate block number, but second byte has 0xF0 added to it, XOR that byte with 0xF0 to get true number
  • Doesn't indicate where the FS blocks are
  • Doesn't seem to have bad block management... probably does though

Uses a whole different file system for storing the dashboard files, instead of SFCX it uses FATX
Loads more files inside FATX NANDs:

  • drivers.xex
  • xnet.xex
  • xlivebase.xex
  • xgi.xex
  • uvbase.xex
  • musicplayer.xex (not sure if this is there normally)
  • gamercard.xex
  • gamercard.xzp
  • livecommon.xzp
  • spa.bin
  • common.xzp
  • huduiskin.xzp
  • processdump.xex
  • rrbkgnd.bmp
  • saferec.bmp
  • recovery.ttf

File Formats


XEX1 format for xex files instead of XEX2... xorloser where are you?


Keyvault is different (e.g. console serial is 0x18 bytes?!)
Keyvault also has different device keys, which stops wireless controllers from working
Also, console security certificate is incomplete-ish:

  • Part number set to 12345678901
  • No manufacturing date?
  • Console type is weird, 0x80000002, normally when it ends in 02 it's retail :S