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GPD (Game Profile Data) files are used by the Xbox 360 to store information inside a profile. They are based on the XDBF format. Profiles are composed of many of these files, each named under their respective titles id (e.g. 4D5307E6.gpd for Halo 3). The dashboard GPD (FFFE07D1.gpd) contains information and sync information about all the titles.

Entry Table

Entry Namespaces

Value Description
1 Achievement
2 Image
3 Setting
4 Title
5 String
6 Achievement Security (created by GFWL for offline unlocked achievements?)
6 Avatar Award (360 only, this is only stored with in the PEC version only)

Entry IDs

An ID of 0x100000000 indicates that the entry is a Sync List, an ID of 0x200000000 means its a Sync Data entry. In PEC (Profile Embedded Content) files these are changed to 1 and 2.

The Settings, Achievements, Title and Assets namespaces each have their own Sync List and Sync Data entries.

An ID of 0x8000 is reserved for title information, in the string and image namespaces. For achievements and images the entry id must match the id enclosed in the entry data.

Description Value
Sync List 0x100000000
Sync Data 0x200000000
Sync List (PEC) 0x1
Sync Data (PEC) 0x2
Option Controller Vibration 0x10040003
Title Specific 1 0x63E83FFF
Title Specific 2 0x63E83FFE
Title Specific 3 0x63E83FFD
Gamer Yaxis Inversion 0x10040002
Gamercard Zone 0x10040004
Gamercard Region 0x10040005
Gamercard Cred 0x10040006
Gamercard Rep 0x50040011
Option Voice Muted 0x10040012
Option Voice Thru Speakers 0x10040013
Option Voice Thru Speakers Raw 0x10040063
Option Voice Volume 0x10040014
Gamercard Titles Played 0x10040018
Gamercard Achievements Earned 0x10040019
Gamer Difficulty 0x10040021
Gamer Control Sensitivity 0x10040024
Gamer Preferred Color First 0x10040029
Gamer Preferred Color Second 0x10040030
Gamer Action Auto Aim 0x10040034
Gamer Action Auto Center 0x10040035
Gamer Action Movement Control 0x10040036
Gamer Race Transmission 0x10040038
Gamer Race Camera Location 0x10040039
Gamer Race Brake Control 0x10040040
Gamer Race Accelerator Control 0x10040041
Gamercard Title Cred Earned 0x10040056
Gamercard Title Achievements Earned 0x10040057
Avatar Metadata 0x63E80068
Gamercard Picture Key 0x4064000F
Gamercard Motto 0x402C0011
Title Information 0x8000
Gamer Name 0x41040040
Gamer Location 0x40520041
Avatar Information 0x63e80044
Avatar Image 0x8007

Setting IDs are largely deterministic, based on there type max length see sample code

Entry Structures

Achievement Entries

Offset Length Type Information
0x0 0x4 unsigned int Struct size (0x1C)
0x4 0x4 unsigned int Achievement ID
0x8 0x4 unsigned int Image ID
0xC 0x4 signed int Gamerscore
0x10 0x4 unsigned int Flags (see below)
0x14 0x8 System.DateTime(signed long) Unlock Time
0x18 null terminated unicode string Name
0x18 + Name length null terminated unicode string Unlocked Description
0x18 + Name length + Locked Description length null terminated unicode string Locked Description


       public enum AchievementTypes : byte
           Completion = 1,
           Leveling = 2,
           Unlock = 3,
           Event = 4,
           Tournament = 5,
           Checkpoint = 6,
           Other = 7,
       public System.UInt32 Flags;
       public AchievementTypes AchievementType
               return (AchievementTypes)(Flags & 7);
               if ((System.Byte)value > 7) // to may bits in use :O
                   throw new Exceptions.InvalidAchievement(new System.Exception("Invalid Type"));
               if (value != Type)
                   Flags ^= 4294967288; // Null the 3 bits
                   Flags ^= (System.Byte)Type; // set the new
       public System.Boolean AchievementShowUnachieved // !Sectet
               return (Flags & 8) == 8;
               if (value != ShowUnachieved)
                   Flags ^= 8;
       public System.Boolean AchievementEarnedOnline
               return (Flags & 65536) == 65536;
               if (value != AchievementEarnedOnline)
                   Flags ^= 65536;
       public System.Boolean AchievementEarned
               return (Flags & 131072) == 131072;
               if (value != Achieved)
                   Flags ^= 131072;
       public System.Boolean Edited //?
               return (Flags & 1048576) == 1048576;
               if (value != Edited)
                   Flags ^= 1048576;

Setting Entries

Offset Length Type Information
0 4 Int32 SettingID
4 2 UInt16 DOS Time(Last edited?)
6 2 UInt16 Unknown
8 1 Byte DataType (see Below)
9 7 Byte[] Unknown (always null?)
16 *depends on DataType* *depends on DataType* Data
Description Value
Context 0
Int32 1
Int64 2
Double 3
(UNI)String 4
Float 5
Binary 6
DateTime 7
Null 0xFF

With data type string and binary there is a leading Int32 with the length in the data blob.

Image Entries

Image entries are PNG images. example code:

       public System.Byte[] Data
               System.Byte[] TempData;
               System.IO.MemoryStream TempStream = new System.IO.MemoryStream();
               Img.Save(TempStream, System.Drawing.Imaging.ImageFormat.Png);
               TempData = TempStream.ToArray();
               return TempData;
               System.IO.MemoryStream TempStream = new System.IO.MemoryStream(value);
               Img = System.Drawing.Image.FromStream(TempStream);

Title Entries

These entries are only located in the FFFE07D1 gpd. To get to them, the id for the XDBF entry is the title ID of the game, and the XDBF entry type is String. For more information see XDBF

Offset Length Type Information
0x0 0x4 unsigned int Title ID
0x4 0x4 signed int Achievement Count
0x8 0x4 signed int Achievement Unlocked Count
0xC 0x4 signed int Gamerscore Total
0x10 0x4 signed int Gamerscore Unlocked
0x14 0x1 unsigned byte Unknown
0x15 0x1 unsigned byte Achievement Unlocked Online Count
0x16 0x01 byte Avatar Assets Earned
0x17 0x01 byte Avatar Assets Max
0x18 0x01 byte Male Avatar Assets Earned
0x19 0x01 byte Male Avatar Assets Max
0x1A 0x01 byte Female Avatar Assets Earned
0x1B 0x01 byte Female Avatar Assets Max
0x1C 0x4 unsigned int Flags (see below)
0x20 0x8 signed long Last Played Time
0x28 null terminated unicode string Title Name

These are not all the flags, it's just that I don't know the rest.

Value Description
0x1 Achievement Unlocked Offline, needs to be synced.
0x2 Achievement Unlocked, image needs to be downloaded.
0x10 Avatar Award Unlocked, needs to be downloaded.
0x20 ?

Title images are also available online:

"" + ID.ToString("x8") + "/icon/0/8000"

"" + ID.ToString("x8") + "/en-GB/largeboxart.jpg"

"" + ID.ToString("x8") + "/en-GB/smallboxart.jpg"

"" + ID.ToString("x8") + "/marketplace/0/1"

"" + ID

Avatar Award Entries

The entries are only supported within the PEC version of the GPD. The images for the avatar awards, are stored in the game GPD for that game.

Offset Length Type Information
0 4 int32 Struct size (0x2C)
4 16 System.Guid ID
20 4 UInt32 ImageID
24 4 UInt32 Flags(Same as achievement)
28 8 filetime Unlock Time
36 4 Int32 Subcategory
40 4 UInt32 Unknown
44 Null Terminated Unicode Name
44 + Name length Null Terminated Unicode Unlocked Description
44 + Name length + Locked Description length Null Terminated Unicode Locked Description


The Image stored in the GPD is stored in the normal GPD however you can grab the image from the server, using the GUID.

"" + size + "/" + ID.ToString() + ".png"); // size 64 128 300
"" + TitleID + "/avataritem/" + ID.ToString() + "/" + size // 64 or 128

String Entries

String entries are simply a unicode, null terminated string the length could be derived from the entry length.

Sync Lists

This is a list of "Sync Items".

You can find the total sync items by,

((SyncList.Length / 16) - 1)

Sync Item

Offset Length Type Information
0 8 unsigned long EntryID
8 8 unsigned long SyncID

Sync Data

Offset Length Type Information
0x0 0x8 unsigned long Next Sync ID
0x8 0x8 unsigned long Last Synced ID
0x10 0x8 signed long Last Synced Time

IDs in Sync List between last and next are pushed