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Used in Disks and SVOD devices, except when in SVOD format it seems to have extra sectors containing a hash of 2 segments(4098 bytes). Each secmant is 2048 bytes,
The first segment starts with 440816472(Little endian)
The 32nd segment seems to be a descriptor,

Offset Length Type Information
20 4 int Root Sector
24 4 int Root Size
28 8 FileTime Creation Time


Offset Length Type Information
0 2 int unk
2 2 int unk
4 4 int Sector
8 4 int Size
12 1 int Flags?
13 1 int namelength
14 namelength string name

Dirent Attributes

Flag Bitmask
READONLY 0x00000001
HIDDEN 0x00000002
SYSTEM 0x00000004
DIRECTORY 0x00000010
ARCHIVE 0x00000020
DEVICE 0x00000040
NORMAL 0x00000080
TEMPORARY 0x00000100