Error Codes

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File:Xbox360 bsod 02.jpg
"System error. Contact Xbox Customer Support."

General Information

E64: Unknown

E66: The key of the DVD drive firmware doesn't match the key of the motherboard.

E68: HDD Failed to initialize.

E74: According to Dennis Mooney (Xbox ATG) on the 360 dev forums E 74 is HSIO Calibration failed. (HSIO is that insanely fast bus between the EDRAM and the Xenos core. It needs to be "trained" to be reliable.)

E79: Unknown

Confirmed facts

When the Xbox crashes half way loading a game disc (e.g. Due to bad unreadable sectors half way)

  • It halts itself to a freeze: The Screen which was active, remains.
  • Eject does not do anything
  • USB Devices are no longer working
  • Wireless Controller does not connect
  • Plugging in a USB Controler only lights up Left Corner, and Right Down Corner
  • Unconnected Video Out Cable results in red flash, Reconnecting removes red light
  • The only way to get your box back is to unplug the power cable


Error 79 has been known during obvious signs of graphic corruption. (Overheating?, Power supply insufficient?)

  • Error 79 can occur if the Xbox 360 firmware is corrupt.
  • Error 74 can be fixed by disconnecting and reconnecting the hard drive. This would be in contrast to the Dennis-Mooney-Quote.