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Channel ⇒ #free60 ; #free60-chat ; #free60-dev
or if theres nobody replying try:

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Channel ⇒ #libxenon

Want to Help?

Here is what you can do to help this project:

  • Documentation: We need the individual bits&pieces, for example from, nicely assembled into wiki pages, Howtos etc. This does not require coding skills!
  • Head over to here for a list of pages that need some work done on them.
  • Or you can go here for a list of pages that need images uploaded.
  • An archive of the old content is available here - if you see anything there that isn't here just use the re-formatter on the main page to turn it back into wikitext and copy it in!
  • Take a look at They have nice categories for the available software, features applications etc.
  • Tell more people about what you can do with Linux on the 360.
  • We need more applications so people have a reason to try out free Libxenon based code and Linux on 360.
  • Work to implement End User Requirements
  • Test and improve the Linux live CD images
  • Add useful ideas to this list.

Seeking Information On

Some documentation must already exist, though perhaps not in the wild. We are seeking:

  • CPU instruction set reference --> See VisualStudio 2005 Reference (Exact CPU instruction set reference)
  • Verification that the CPUs have a memory management unit (can do virtual memory)
  • Details of Multi-processor memory coherency and synchronization requirements

Documentation To Develop

Some documentation will either not exist, or won't be made available

  • Memory usage map for boot code
  • Hypervisor details. What is checked and how it is checked
  • Chain of trust: how execution integrity is designed to work
  • Chinks in the armor: Holes in the chain of trust
  • Hard drive locking (if any) and filesystem details (Harddrive)
  • Wireless hardware and software protocol for controllers
  • Xbox1 software emulation details

XeLL / Libxenon

  • [Libxenon]: Improve Libxenon and write apps.
  • [Libxenon]/[XeLL]: Fix the usb driver so it gets proper speed and Power supply does not need to get replugged to get usb mass storage recognized DONE
  • [Libxenon]/[XeLL]: Write a fatx/xtaf driver

- You can use the big-endian compatible 2.4.32 fatx patch from the xbox-linux project and port it to 2.6.3x - Thx zinga!
- Probably even the freebsd patch will help - Thx Rene Ladan:

  • [XeLL]: Implement parsing of a bootconfig + passing bootarguments to the linux kernel DONE
  • [XeLL]: Fix non-workin XeLL-XeLL implementation (chainload XeLL from a "base XeLL") DONE

Xenon linux kernel

  • Needs urgent fixing: Linux Kernel - a hardware CPU bug causes powerpc locking primitives to fail between hyper threads unless a special register is set properly
  • Fix usb driver (random freez under heavy usage)
  • Patch RTC driver for hardware clock access
  • Xenosfb: add support for mode switching
  • Audio driver
  • If possible: Modify the ATI 3D driver to work with the Xenos-Chip

Linux Live CD / Installer

  • Open a Boot Menu with the following options:
    • Load [Linux Kernel] from HDD (default, 10s timeout? auto detection of valid Linux HDD?)
    • Load [Linux Kernel] from CD and use root filesystem on HDD
    • Load Rescue/Installer Linux LiveCD
    • Load Linux over TFTP (optionally configuring the network)

The Menu can either be created in XeLL (requiring reading from CD, SATA, plus interactivity over serial / IR remote or USB controller), or possibly in a Linux initramfs (which is easier to implement, but locks the user in to one single kernel)